Burlap to Cashmere


Burlap To Cashmere first made waves  with their critically acclaimed and Dove Award winning debut album, Anybody Out There. They quickly established a name for themselves with their unique sound, energetic live shows and introspective lyrics underscored by their remarkable musicianship. The album went on to sell nearly a half million records, propelling Burlap to stardom. Their extensive tour schedule took the band across the U.S. and overseas to Europe and South America. The band has been privileged to play to U.S troops in the Middle East and even to play before  the Pope in Rome to a crowd of over three million.

After an extended hiatus, the band returned with their eponymous 2011 album, Burlap To Cashmere, produced by music legend Mitchell Froom and released through Sony Music. The album was highly praised in numerous media outlets including USA Today, NPR, the New York Post, and American Songwriter Magazine.

The group has been featured on many high-­profile platforms including Artists At Google, Amazon, the At Guitar Center Podcast with Nic Harcourt, and Lightning 100’s Live At Nashville Sunday Night. A film about the band’s history called “The Other Country” was written and directed by veteran filmmaker Brett Leonard (Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity).

The band is currently preparing a special edition release of their debut album for its 20th anniversary.