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(Don't) Mind the Gap: Burlap to Cashmere Return at Last

"It's better to burn out than fade away," goes Neil Young's immortal line. But what if you do both? Burlap to Cashmere seem to have managed it, and now, after a decade-long break, they're rising from the ashes to play another day. Thank God!

The New York City-based band exploded onto the Christian music scene in 1998 with their major-label debut, Anybody Out There?, which introduced a band that didn't play by the rules. Heck, they didn't seem to know there were rules. For example, during a showcase for an industry crowd at a hotel ballroom in downtown Nashville, guitarist Johnny Philippidis was so into his performance that he removed his shirt mid-song and jumped onto a banquet table in nothing but a sweat-drenched undershirt. Sure, it's tame by rock 'n' roll standards, but let's just say Christian music doesn't usually involve a lot of disrobing or jumping on tables.

"We were just young," frontman Steven Delopoulos says now. "We didn't think about if we fit or not. We took it moment by moment. We were just happy that people liked us. Any attention was good attention."

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